Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Still in the U.S.... but not for long!

Could it be???  Might I actually be going to China??? For real this time???   Why yes, ladies and gentlemen! You read correctly! Who knows how long it's been since my last post in this silly blog... and during that entire time I must have changed my mind 10,000 times (thank you Rachel and Emily for being so patient!) about whether or not to actually go!  The fly-out date has been set for June 8th. Since I have next to no money I'm waiting to hear back from the orchestra who initially said they would pay for my plane ticket (but who are now asking that I purchase the ticket myself and be reimbursed later on). Yeah. I think not.  Unless there's a special discount price for $35. 

Rachel and Emily decided today that they are going to throw me a huge party on the 7th. Which is awesome.  BBQ anyone?  I have the greatest friends ever, by the way. And not just because they're throwing me a party.

I shall write more soon... possibly later tonight!  And since my blog-followers are so numerous and faithful I know that you will all be sitting on the edge of your seats awaiting my next post!  Be on the lookout!

p.s. Happy Humpday.