Friday, December 30, 2011

Shen Yun Performing Arts

Hello everyone! I'm back on the blogging trail once again. Thank you to everyone who constantly supported my blog craziness... When I returned to the States I was asked by several people to keep writing... Well prepare to read about my upcoming adventures in what my friends and I call "Other China."

To be begin, I am no longer living in Beijing. I had a wonderful time experiencing the culture, the food, and meeting some very wonderful people. At the end of my third month with the Opera orchestra, however, there were some changes the administration wanted to make to my contract. After much negotiating we could not reach an agreement and so for the benefit of all involved I chose to return to the United States this past September. I would like to specifically thank Mr. Gardner and Profesfor Mark Gibson for giving me such a wonderful opportunity and experience. I regret nothing and treasure the memories i made during those 3 months.

So what happened after that? Tune in next time for the next part of my musical adventure!!!