Thursday, July 28, 2011

Some more pictures...

Back in mid-July, signing my contract for the orchestra. There were two: one in Chinese and one in English.
Shaking "Yu Feng's" hand after signing my contract.
The Big Cat, Vegetable Warrior Princess!
Putting together the bedframe for my new queen-sized matress from IKEA.
Brittany was providing moral support while I put my bed together. She was also pretending to be rowing a boat.
I have to include this... the typical "squat" toilet used my most Chinese people. Bathrooms here do not provide toilet paper nor do they have soap at the sinks (if there are even sinks!)... hello instant hand sanitizer!!!
Potato Chips???
Keyondra and I waiting in the bus with our VIP passes to the Worker's Stadium. The concert that night was a televised, joint concert between our Opera Orchestra, the Beijing Symphony Orchestra, and the National Center for the Performing Arts Symphony Orchestra.
The Beijing Worker's Stadium. This picture taken from the back of the stage.
Keyondra, holding the menu at Casa la awesome Mexican restaurant in the Solana shopping district. We were there celebrating Key's 27th birthday! 

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